Release Notes


BIND 9.19 is an unstable development release of BIND. This document summarizes new features and functional changes that have been introduced on this branch. With each development release leading up to the stable BIND 9.20 release, this document will be updated with additional features added and bugs fixed. Please see the CHANGES file for a more detailed list of changes and bug fixes.

Supported Platforms

See the Supported Platforms section in the BIND Resource Requirements chapter.


The latest versions of BIND 9 software can always be found at There you will find additional information about each release, and source code.

Notes for BIND 9.19.0

Known Issues

  • According to RFC 8310, Section 8.1, the Subject field MUST NOT be inspected when verifying a remote certificate while establishing a DNS-over-TLS connection. Only subjectAltName must be checked instead. Unfortunately, some quite old versions of cryptographic libraries might lack the ability to ignore the Subject field. This should have minimal production-use consequences, as most of the production-ready certificates issued by certificate authorities will have subjectAltName set. In such cases, the Subject field is ignored. Only old platforms are affected by this, e.g. those supplied with OpenSSL versions older than 1.1.1. [GL #3163]

New Features

  • Add support for remote TLS certificate verification, both to named and dig, making it possible to implement Strict and Mutual TLS authentication, as described in RFC 9103, Section 9.3. [GL #3163]

  • dnssec-verify and dnssec-signzone now accept a -J option to specify a journal file to read when loading the zone to be verified or signed. [GL #2486]

Removed Features

  • The keep-order-response option has been declared obsolete and the functionality has been removed. named expects DNS clients to be fully compliant with RFC 7766. [GL #3140]

Feature Changes

  • Run RPZ updates on the specialized “offload” threads to reduce the amount of time they block query processing on the main networking threads. This should increase the responsiveness of named when RPZ updates are being applied after an RPZ zone has been successfully transferred. [GL #3190]


BIND 9 is open source software licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0 (see the COPYING file for the full text).

Those wishing to discuss license compliance may contact ISC at

End of Life

BIND 9.19 is an unstable development branch. When its development is complete, it will be renamed to BIND 9.20, which will be a stable branch. The end-of-life date for BIND 9.20 has not yet been determined. For those needing long-term stability, the current Extended Support Version (ESV) is BIND 9.16, which will be supported until at least December 2023. See for details of ISC’s software support policy.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who assisted us in making this release possible.